Research Expedition.

I’m aware that most of the readers of this blog will have been driving their entire adult lives so this is not as impressive to you as it is to me, but as I write this, the adrenalin is still pumping. I took my second and third solo drives today, back to the University of Canterbury to stock up on some books.

The drive there was pretty nerve-wracking. I had to go through central Christchurch then circle Hagley park, one of the main arteries of Christchurch. I got into a right turning lane accidentally and had to come up with a new plan on the fly, but I got to my destination, and was so pleased with myself, I took a photo of my car, parked in the University carpark, and sent it to my sister.

Turns out, the drive wasn’t the most challenging part of my expedition. From 2017 the Education library is going to be housed in the Central library and the staff are packing up the books–starting with all the books I wanted to borrow today. All the detective fiction had already been packed up and I had to hunt for my novels among open boxes. I narrowly avoided being mowed down by carts of books twice, and more than once arrived at a shelf to find it entirely bare of books. Fortunately, I still managed to find a decent amount of Edwardian-era books. I checked out my books at the self -service kiosk, shouldered my bag and walked out the library–

Triggering the alarm.

One of my books had failed to register on the check-out machine and I missed this. Fortunately the librarian who helped me figure out which of my many, many books was trying to escape the library, was the same one I’d asked about the detective fiction earlier, and we ended up chatting about Agatha Christie.

Back in the parking lot, I realised that I now had to get myself out of the carpark–something I’d never stopped to think about before. It took me three attempts, but I made it out of the carpark without incident, and am home to tell the tale.

New life goal: Drive somewhere without generating an adrenalin rush.

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