Birthday Cake and Book!

Today–December 31st–is my birthday. Ever since the year that I got food poisoning on my birthday and got sick with stomach bugs three times the following year, I’ve tried to make an effort to spend my birthday doing the things that I want to define my following year. So far today, I’ve done some writing, some learning, met up with my family for a picnic and duck-feeding in the Botanical Gardens and published a book. That’s right, Morgen Song is out at last.


Morgen Song is currently available from Amazon and Smashwords and coming soon to other e-book retailers.

Myrhydion is ready to live happily ever after with Olly–until a spate of drownings herald the return of the morgenau, Welsh sirens, to the peninsula. Eager to prove himself as future king of the morgen, Myrhydion challenges an underwater sorceror, but ends up losing his magic altogether. Rapidly running out of options, Myrhydion must find the strength of king or lose everything he loves.

In my birthday stock-take from last year, I was looking forward to the publication of Thorns and Fangs and preparing to move back to New Zealand. I was excited to spend more time with my niece and eager to get stories published. In 2016, I published five stories. I learned to drive, getting my restricted licence. I’ve continued to babysit my niece culminating in a very special babysit last night when I levelled up to the night shift–bath and bed!

In 2017, my goal is eight stories published. I’ve learned a lot about my writing techniques and where I need to improve and I’m keen to put this into action. I haven’t yet established a vegetable garden, but I’m hoping to start that in February. I’m also keen to keep learning, attending a Joanna Penn seminar in February, and planning on going to the RWNZ conference in August. I’m feeling positive. I’ve done so many things this last year that I didn’t think I could–left my job, learned to drive–and while my new life has its own challenges, I’m enjoying figuring out how to approach them. Thank you so much for your support this past year. Your belief and encouragement makes this all possible.

Thank you, and all the best for 2017!



  1. Happy birthday and happy release day (again!) Congratulations on all of the milestones you reached this year. I’m looking forward to those eight stories! 😀

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