Off to Wellington!

I’ve been running round today like a mad thing, trying to take care of everything I need to get done before I leave to Wellington early tomorrow morning–I’m attending my cousin’s wedding!

I’ve just finished packing everything but my computer, cellphone and corresponding chargers–hoping to get a few more words in tonight. Now that I finally have the chance to sit down, however, my thoughts are on tomorrow’s wedding. I haven’t been to many weddings, but each one I’ve attended has been unique and special in a different way, just like the people whose relationship we’ve celebrated.

I wasn’t always a fan. Movies that present the wedding as the be-all and end-all of the relationship? Yawn. But real life weddings have something that movies don’t have.

I don’t know quite what that quality is, but I tried to capture it with Olly and Myrhydion. Theirs is the first wedding I’ve ever written for my characters (weirdly, writing sex scenes are fine, but something as special as a wedding should be hinted at, not shown? I don’t know–writer brain is weird).

Anyway, enough rambling! I need to triple-check I have everything I need. Also, while I’m in Wellington, I have plans to catch up with Anne Barwell–it is going to be amazing!

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