Morgen Song in Love Bytes Book of the Week poll! Celebration sale.

I am back in Christchurch, but the whirlwind of socialising that began with the wedding has only just stopped! Wellington was amazing, but I’m going to talk about my trip in a later post. For today, I have something very exciting to share.

Morgen Song is featured in the Love Bytes first book of the week poll for 2017! To celebrate, I’m dropping the price to US 0.99 cents (and international equivalents) until Friday the 13th when the polls close. If you’ve read Morgen Song and enjoyed it, I would appreciate your vote! If not, well, here is your chance to get Morgen Song at a reduced price.*

Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords


*If the prices don’t show up as reduced, please try again in a couple of hours–I literally just went and changed the prices and they may take some time to take effect.

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