The Unexpected Benefits of House-sitting.

Since I last wrote a blog post, I have been in two different houses! One of them was my sister and brother-in-law’s house where I spent two nights, but I am now back in Banks Peninsula in beautiful Diamond Harbour.

This is my third official house sit, fifth if you count house-sitting for family. There are a lot of cool things about house sitting. I get to hang out with some lovely pets (this house and the last house had hens, so I’m getting fresh eggs every day for free!). I’m relearning Christchurch by spending time in different parts of it. Most importantly, I get some concentrated quiet time in which to work on writing.

One of the cool things about house-sitting is getting to see how other people live. Every house I’ve stayed at has been unique. The first was a historic cottage, the second a multi-layer house with windows, light and incredible views. This is a family house that has grown with its owners. And with every new house comes new bookshelves.

It’s been really interesting seeing what different books the homeowners have chosen to collect and keep. The historic cottage was owned by an artist and a professor, and they had books of poetry, first editions, non-fiction about the war and cookbooks. The family in the house with a view had only a few books, but their books were all fairly recent best-sellers, making me think they don’t hold on to books.

Current house? Well …


Yup. That is ‘How to Propagate Plants,’ ‘The Cook’s Garden,’ ‘Practical Gardening for Amateurs’ and the ‘Yates Garden Guide,’ among others.

No signs of any twin farmers or suspiciously fast growing plants (yet), but I will keep you updated.

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