Geeking Out at Farmhouse Tea Rooms, Charteris Bay.

I’m having such an amazing time in Diamond Harbour that I wanted to share some of my explorations. On Friday I drove to Orton Bradley Park in Charteris Bay. The Orton Bradley Park has some historic buildings, a patch of preserved forest, walking tracks and an organic dairy. I was there for the Farmhouse Tea Rooms.


The Tea Rooms opened in December. It’s housed in the reconstructed farmhouse that was home for the original owners. It prides itself on strong tea and old-fashioned cakes. Tea is strictly loose-leaf and served on a beautiful tea service. The staff dress in Victorian costume.


I am in love. Basically, having a fancy, Victorian style tea parlour was a long-held fantasy of mine that I eventually gave up on (I was going to call it OTT), because I decided that was the sort of thing that couldn’t possibly happen in real life. Not true! They’re doing it–and they’re doing it in isolated and under-populated Charteris Bay. I love these people.

Before I’d even finished my scones, I was on the phone to Mum, telling her we have to bring Grandma here. It’s that good. And yes, they do coffee and more than sweets–I ended up getting a gluten free bacon and egg pie to take home (it was made with hash browns instead of pastry and was so, so good).


And then it got better. This will only make sense if you’ve read Uprooted (much like my last blog post actually), but while I was admiring the farm buildings and finding many, many things that reminded me of Nate’s home in Little River, I wandered outside into the garden. Wow, this is so similar to the farm! I thought. I wonder if there is an oak tree here. That would make it perfect.

I didn’t find an oak. I found a chestnut tree.



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