A Surprise at the Lyttelton Farmer’s Market.

I’m back home in North Canterbury now, where I have been working on my big freelance project for January–a Tokyo guidebook–all day. Its an interesting project, but as a break from that, I thought I’d share one last Diamond Harbour adventure.

Diamond Harbour sits pretty much directly across from Lyttelton harbour. It’s a forty-minute drive (if you’re me and drive like a nervous Grandma), or a ten-minute ride in the Diamond Harbour ferry. Guess which I chose?


The main draw of Lyttelton for me was the Farmer’s Market which happens every Saturday. My sister and brother-in-law visited regularly pre-2011 earthquake, but the road linking Sumner and Lyttelton is still out. There are two other ways to reach Lyttelton by road, but neither as convenient.


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the market was as busy as ever. In fact, I think it has grown! Instead of the single carpark I remember, the market spilled out on to the main road, occupying both sides of the road for an entire block, with some extra stalls in two adjoining carparks. There were multiple organic food stalls, bread, craft beer, cakes, waffles, all sorts of things. I was shopping for some of the delicious salami I remembered from my previous visit. And then I saw something that made me extremely happy.

Is that–cannoli?

To understand why I am slightly obsessed with cannoli, we have to go back to 2014, when I first participated in the M/M Romance Group’s Don’t Read in the Closet event. I submitted a story idea, and Tali Spencer turned it into The Last Cannoli.  


I fell hard for the world and the characters that Tali shared with us in her story! I came away from reading it feeling uplifted and happy, with a feeling of contentment that I now associate strongly with cannoli. The only problem–well. Japan, especially the extremely rural part of Japan that I lived in, is somewhat lacking in Italian pastries.

Rural New Zealand–actually New Zealand in general–isn’t much better! It is true I haven’t really searched for cannoli since I’ve been back, but the sight of this stall in the Lyttelton Farmer’s market, got me really excited.


Fortunately, that wasn’t cannoli! It was a cannoncino, a pastry horn. I say fortunately because it was delicious, and it has spurred me on to begin my cannoli hunt anew. I mean, Christchurch has Italian restaurants, right? And if all else fails, I’m going to Auckland next month! And until I find a cannoli of my own, I have Tali’s delicious story to fall back on.


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