So, January did not go as planned!

January was a pretty good month. As you’ll have observed from my travel posts, I got up to a lot! Attended a wedding, caught up with good friends, house-sat in some gorgeous locations and spent time with my family. I even wrote! Only problem, it wasn’t what I intended to be writing.

I’ve supplemented my income by taking on some freelance writing gigs, the big one being Freelance Project 1. This was a project of about 30,000 words. I could comfortably finish that in a month with room for my own creative projects–or so I thought. Problem was, when I finally finished it (at 11:20 P.M. last night), Project 1 was 61,000 words and still needs to be polished. It snowballed out of control, eating up time, and putting pressure on my other freelance projects. Creative writing got dropped completely.

This was my worst case scenario, the thing that I feared most about picking up freelance work–that it would negatively impact my creative output. I’m annoyed at myself for getting behind, but not as annoyed or tired as I thought I would be. One of my other current freelance projects is creative in nature, and working on that’s been giving me a good, positive boost. So, I’ve learned that having a variety of freelance projects is good, and that I should stick to projects in small increments. I was able to balance creative writing and freelance projects comfortably, when I could set aside a specific time of day to work on one thing and one thing only.

Unfortunately, February is going to be lopsided as well as I will have to focus on catching up with my remaining freelance projects before I can get to work on writing. The good thing is that the creative drought I experience mid-January is gone! I have tons of ideas and enthusiasm for writing. It’s only time and energy that’s lacking. So, January recap:

  • finish Murder #1 –No! Not only did I not do this, but I’m actually further behind with this. I wrote 13295 words then deleted 20856 words.
  • re-plot TDL–Kind of! Had a couple of creak-throughs and am in the process of plotting.
  • Freelance project 1–UGH! 90% finished!
  • regular blog posts–YES!
  • schedule reading time–Ha!
  • plot second murder–Yeah, nah.


So, February… February is going to be interesting. My plans for where I was going to be located changed last minute, which may actually be a positive–I think I do better with a regular schedule and a place I can settle. I signed on as contest manager for the RWNZ First Kisses contest and have had the first entry come in! And I’m going to Auckland to eat cannoli and talk books with Emma Sea–and attend a Joanna Penn seminar! I am ridiculously excited about Auckland!

I’m also trying to come up with an action plan to help me get a better balance between life/work and creative writing/freelance work. Won’t know how well that works until March, but until then, here are my February goals:

  • finish Murder #1
  • re-plot TDL
  • Freelance project 1 AND 2
  • Complete Freelance Project 3 (weekly)
  • regular blog posts
  • read 9 books
  • establish a daily writing habit.


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