Accelerated February.

Quick February update! I haven’t accomplished much creative writing wise, unless you count Freelance Project 2, which is editing a romance novel. However, I thought that it might be interesting to share my plans for getting a better life balance going, if not for you, if for me because in a couple of months I will need the reminder.

I’m basing my action plan around the latest releases from Monica Leonelle–Accelerated Author and Prosperous Creation. Accelerated Author is all mindset, and the first stage of Prosperous Creation is as well. I’ve made myself an action plan, and am working through it in three aspects of my life–writing, health and money.

The first step is tracking, and the variables I’m going for a writing every day and word count for my creative writing, eating five servings of fruit and veges, remembering to take my vitamins and steps walked (unfortunately my fitbit died and I haven’t replaced it yet, so in the meantime, I’m tracking minutes walked). I’ve got no idea how to meaningfully measure money on a daily basis, so that is also on hold. The two days I had my tracking system in place, I had great results. I also did a couple of things I’ve been putting off forever, like buying good new shoes and replacing my vitamins. I also bought the best ever notebook.


In a way, I’m really sad that I’ve already written Ibiza on Ice because this is Aston in notebook form.

Then I had two days of babysitting which wiped out everything else, and today I am recovering.

Still! I am optimistic. After this week, I should have time to reestablish myself in a writing routine and finally get back to my gentlemanly murder.


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