Chinese New Year-Kiwi Style

My Auckland adventures continue! After visiting Highwic and Ewelme, I was ready for lunch. My cousin and his wife who very, very kindly decided to come with me on my historical expeditions drove through Mission Bay to St Heliers for lunch. St Heliers is a beautiful sandy beach, with views across Auckland Harbour to Rangitoto (this will be important later).


See? Beautiful. Lunch was great–and then cousin suggested Devonport. One of my new Auckland friends had mentioned there was a really good boutique stationary store in Devonport, so I was all for this. Sadly, Fitzgerald Taylor was closed Sunday, but this may have been a good thing for me. As it was, cousin and wife introduced me to Devonport Chocolates which did not go well for me (or went extremely well–I’m going with extremely well).

Devonport was also extremely attractive, full of lots of character houses and period shops. I was really happy and not entirely disappointed that we headed home early–or so I thought.



Turns out that cousin and his wife also wanted to go to the Auckland Lantern Festival, held to celebrate Chinese New Year. We drove all the way back into Auckland, heading to Auckland domain, a park in the centre of the city.

Our first priority wasn’t the lanterns–it was the food! There were numerous stalls set up throughout the domain. We headed for the night market, which had a variety of food from different asian countries and gelato. Deciding what to get was really difficult–so I basically got two dinners (I regret nothing).

While we ate, we waited for it to get dark so that the lanterns would be more spectacular. My camera did not do a great job of capturing the colour and light of the lanterns, but they were pretty spectacular–and there was a wide variety! Some were traditional…


Others, less so.


Yeah, you’re seeing this right–sheep lanterns! Because New Zealand (seriously, does any other country have a prime minister who joins sheep shearing competitions?).

Happy Year of the Rooster, everyone!

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