Accelerated April

Accelerated April is off to a slow start. Over the weekend, I volunteered to help out with The Single Fin Mingle, which is not in fact the prequel to Ibiza on Ice, but a surfing contest and caught up with a friend. I also went to my second yoga class. The end of March was crazy–I had overloaded myself with projects–so I have been slow getting April started. Luckily I just completed a big item on my to-do list and hope to have an announcement soon!

March … wow. March definitely made up for the lack of productivity in January and February! I achieved my goal of writing every day and while I didn’t complete Life After Humanity, I did write 80,000 words. I also passed both the defensive driving course and my full licence test, which I was not expecting to do, and with the support of many friends and family members, raised $935 NZD for Shave for a Cure. Freelance work took up a ton of time for not much reward. I finished March feeling happier and healthier than I have in a long time–one of my non-writing goals was talking a multi-vitamin and eating five plus fruit and veggies everyday. This, I accomplished and I think it has continued to have a real positive impact on my health.

Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve all my goals–especially the Deep Magic boxset or regular blog posts. I think I might have to shift blog updates to once a week because I am finding it very difficult to fit them in around everything else that is going on. I also had an unexpected bill for my car which ate into my savings, acerbating my money worries, and I am doubly glad that I made mindfulness and meditation part of my daily routine in March because I think that March would have been much more stressful without it. In the end, I count March as a success. Here’s why!

March Goals:

  • Daily Writing Habit (Yes– 31/31)
  • Write Thorns and Fangs #3 ( Progress– 80522/100,000)
  • Balance Freelance and Creative Work-Nope!
  • Read 9 books (Yes–11/9)
  • Regular blog posts (No–5/9)
  • Edit and release Deep Magic boxset-Nope
  • Complete Defensive Driving Course-Yes!
  • Sit Full Licence Test-Yes!
  • Shave for a Cure-Yes!

April. April is going to be different. I’ve already decided that I am going to try and avoid taking on any new freelance clients because I want to make sure that I don’t get overloading and over-stretched as I have been. Four days into this, and I it is a battle not to sign up to every volunteer activity I see! I need to spend some time setting myself some deadlines for April to motivate myself.

April Writing Goals:

  • Finish Life After Humanity.
  • Edit Life After Humanity.
  • Submit Life After Humanity.
  • Daily Writing Habit
  • Read 9 books
  • Weekly Blog updates
  • Balance Freelance and Creative writing
  • Plot Secondary project
  • Plot Third project
  • Start writing Secondary project
  • Grow some hair

As always, wish me luck!

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