Look out, Anxious April! Mighty May is here.

I don’t know how or why but April was a really crap month. March was busy, but overall good, but as I got to the end of March, I hadn’t made myself a spreadsheet with my daily April goals. I figured that my daily writing, mindfulness and healthy eating had become habit by now, and I didn’t feel like checking them off every day.

Turns out, that was a mistake. From April first, my mood tanked, my motivation hit the floor and I was paralysed by anxiety over almost every aspect of my life. Finances was a big one. To try and get a better balance between freelance work and creative projects, I decided not to take on any new clients this month with the result that I then spent a lot of time worried that I wouldn’t earn enough to cover my expenses for May (I did–just barely, but I did!). Then global events hit a very upsetting note, and I spent a long time questioning everything. I go in depth in this post here, but just as I’d worked out actions I could take to help and was feeling positive, I got hit by the nastiest cold I’ve had since returning to New Zealand. It was brutal! Dizziness, sore-throat, constant coughing, runny nose, burning mouth, sore skin, aches, fuzzy head… I’m finally over the worst of it and feeling better every day, though symptoms still persist.

I know there were a lot of reasons why April did not go the way I hoped. Still, the correlation between me stopping my mindfulness regime, and immediately suffering from anxiety is a bit too blatant to ignore! The severity of my cold could be linked to that,  or the fact that I have not been eating as well as I could throughout April. I’ve already determined that March is going to be better. Before writing this blog post, I did my daily mindfulness exercise (shifted to the start of my day to make sure I do it!). Next to me is a healthy breakfast and my vitamin tablet.

April Goals (this is going to be depressing):

  • Finish Life After Humanity. Done! 
  • Edit Life After Humanity. In progress.
  • Submit Life After Humanity. Nope.
  • Daily Writing Habit Nope
  • Read 9 books  Yes!
  • Weekly Blog updates  Nope!
  • Balance Freelance and Creative writing I need to think about how to measure this one. 
  • Plot Secondary project No.
  • Plot Third project No.
  • Start writing Secondary project No.
  • Grow some hair Yes!

My biggest achievement in April was finishing Life After Humanity. I’ve started rereading in preparation for editing, making notes as I go. I’ve also been visited with a lot of inspiration for the fourth book, and am incredibly eager to get started plotting that. Which actually leads into Mighty May Goals:

  • Plot Thorns and Fangs Four
  • Write Thorns and Fangs Four
  • Finish editing Life After Humanity
  • Submit LAH
  • Daily mindfulness habit
  • Eat five plus fruit or veges a day + vitamin
  • Walk every day.

I feel quietly confident, despite April’s setbacks. I’m staying at my sister’s until Thursday, and between my niece and the black labrador, I’m sure I will hit my walking quota. Then I’m off to housesit for relatives who have a dog that gets walked twice a day, so I don’t have a choice–I’m definitely hitting one of these goals, no matter what happens with the rest.


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