My Cold Cure.

In a perfect world, this post would have gone out on Monday and the topic would be something entirely different. Since we do not live in a perfect world, this post is being made midday Thursday, for reasons you’ve probably guessed.

Colds are the worst, and this is a particularly awful specimen. It moved in Friday night, was at its worst on Monday, and has been slowly improving since then. I went to the doctor yesterday, and he agreed that it was just a cold and that I was on the mend. Then I had a really rough night last night sleep wise, and have had a headache all morning in addition to the cold nonsense.

That was the last straw. I’ve been taking it easy(ish), drinking lots of fluids and not over tiring myself, but clearly I needed to up the ante. I needed some Tom Kha. This Thai Soup, made with chicken broth, coconut, galangal, lemongrass and chilli, is supposed to be one of the most effective cold antidotes there is. Fortunately, there is a Thai restaurant walking distance of my current location. I walked.


I almost choked on the first mouthful. It was so flavourful, that it caught me off guard. I’m not a huge fan of coconut, so this wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I have to admit it really blasted through my cold-numbed taste buds and this might be the most delicious thing I’ve eaten all week. I worked my way steadily through the soup, and I didn’t quite manage to finish it, but as I made my way to the supermarket for weapon #2, I could still feel the warmth of the Tom Kha in my chest, undoubtedly continuing the good fight.


Weapon #2 was recommended by Mum. I was hoping to find straight ginger tea like they had in Japan, but the local supermarket’s International section let me down. Barkers, it is. Sadly, just about every flavour of cordial except this one was on sale–which is especially evil given that it is peak cold/flu season in Christchurch. Still, if it helps me kick this cold faster, I will not complain. Mum recommends it hot, but I’ve made it up in a 1 litre bottle and have returned to bed. That’s about all the battle I am capable of today.




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