June and July Goal Setting.

It’s really hard to make plans in times of uncertainty. As July begins, I’m struggling to decide what to focus on. That really stubborn cold I complained about in my last post? Not a cold. I’m still waiting to find out what it is, and will probably find out next week. Not knowing if I’m going to be well enough to act on my plans is really discouraging me from making plans, but at the same time, I’ve had enough resting, and am ready to start doing again. Here’s hoping I find my balance!

June Goals:

  • Write More Than Coffee, Kathleen’s story. DONE! The first draft at least. I’m working on editing it at the moment.
  • Freelance Project Number 1.
  • Freelance Project Number 2. Done, and done!
  • Continue work on Dead Wrong (Thorns and Fangs 4)not done, but considering everything else I’m okay with that! 
  • Walk everyday – My health had other ideas. 
  • Vitamin + Five Plus –Yes for the vitamin, nearly for five plus. 
  • Mindfulness- totally feel off the wagon here. 
  • SLEEP– much better than May, but could still improve. 

July Goals:

  • Edit and Release More Than Coffee (new title needed!)
  • Get back to work on Mystery 1.
  • Continue work on Dead Wrong
  • Get my writing mindset back in the right place.
  • Take care of myself, and tackle scary health thing.

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