Wow, July.

I had a much different post planned for today. Unfortunately, July decided to get really creative on me. Not only have we been dealing with a family medical emergency, but we’ve also found out that Mum, Stepdad and Grandma have to be out of their current house by December. And on top of it all–floods!

I left Thursday, planning to visit Akaroa relatives with my sister and be back Friday evening. Instead, we made it almost all the way to Akaroa through some really horrendous weather—water covering the road, pelting the windscreen, slips across the road—only to discover a tree had fallen, blocking the road, about ten minutes before we got there. We had to turn around and go all the way back to Christchurch. If we’d made it, we might have been stuck in Akaroa–the road was closed Saturday, only reopening on Sunday. I finally made it back to Mum and Stepdad’s place yesterday afternoon, a big relief. I was really worried about driving through water, but the blockages had all been cleared by the time I reached them.

Despite this series of really hard stuff to deal with, I’m actually feeling pretty positive right now. It feels much better being here in New Zealand when bad things go down than being in Japan where I was unable to help. I’m also really proud of my family’s resilience and strength. We’ve had a few hairy moments, but overall, I think we’re doing an okay job of being there for each other. I’m also really lucky for the encouragement and support I’ve received from my online friends. So yeah. Tough month, but we’re tougher.

I’ve also got something I’m really looking forward to coming up. On Thursday, barring any more disasters, I’m heading to the Marlborough Book Festival. I haven’t really spent time in Blenheim before, so I’m looking forward to the trip for many reasons.

And then I got some really good news! I submitted a Seasonal Story to NineStar Press, the third in the For the Love of Christmas series that started with The Ugliest Sweater, and continued with Ibiza on Ice. The Op-Shop Rejects Live in Concert has been accepted, and will presumably be coming out some time in December! Cannot wait.

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