The Wing Commander’s Curse is out!

After a false start (proof-read my e-mail before sending, somehow still missed that I’d forgotten to attach the book I was sending the e-mail about), The Wing Commander’s Curse has been released to subscribers of my mailing list. It feels really good to have completed a project started in May to help raise funds and awareness for LGBT Chechens.

Even better, I heard from Kathleen, the auction winner whose request resulted in The Wing Commander’s Curse, to let me know she enjoyed it. That’s really made me happy. I realised while listening to the authors speaking at the Marlborough Book Festival this past weekend that before writer or author or novelist, I identify as a story-teller, which to me implies a connection between the story-teller and the person the story is being told to, and started with me telling stories to my younger sister. That I’m able to successfully tell a story to someone I’ve never met in real life always feels like a prize to me. Thank you for that, Kathleen! And for the story request that resulted in Mallory, Jonah, and the world they inhabit.


The Wing Commander’s Curse

An unbreakable curse.
England overrun by monsters.
Two men locked in a losing battle.

England, 1915.

Jonah Valliant longs for active service, but is stuck making coffee for the local officers. A year ago, the world erupted into magical chaos. No one knows why Britain is overrun by fearsome worms, magical creatures whose gaze turns men to stone, or how to stop them. When Jonah loses his temper with Wing Commander Mallory, he has no idea that picking a quarrel with the wizard may lead to Britain’s salvation–or its destruction.

Augustus Mallory carries more than the weight of the war effort on his shoulders. He’s the last of the Mallory wizards, feared for their power, arrogance and the dark family curse. He knows losing his heart to Jonah endangers everything Mallory cares about—but Jonah may possess the key to defeating the worms once and for all. His only hope: staving off his doom long enough to learn the secret behind the Quickening.

To read The Wing Commander’s Curse for free, sign up to my mailing list. Thanks!

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