Writing Resource: Hidden Traps by Judy L Mohr

I first met Judy last year at a seminar on how to get the most out of Scrivener. We’re members of the same writing circles, and I’m constantly impressed that no matter what writing topic we’re discussing, Judy is quick to offer an opinion, advice, or even a practical solution. When she asked if I was interested in getting an ARC of her non-fiction book for writers, it was a no-brainer. I said yes at once.

Having met Judy in person, I enjoyed how much of her voice came through in this book. There’s always a danger that non-fiction will be dry, but although Hidden Traps is packed with technical and often extremely specific information, it felt like I was attending a seminar rather than reading a book. Some of the information I was aware of, but a lot was new—and more than once, I put the book down to go and act on the information I’d just read.

Although called ‘Hidden Traps,’ the book is so much more than a guide to how to protect yourself online while creating an author presence. Judy covers the entire author platform, starting from why you need one and how to decide what direction to take it in. I’m roughly two years into having an ‘author’ presence online, and I think that gave me enough background knowledge that I wasn’t overwhelmed by the quantity of advice, and could instead take it in easily and act on it. However, this book would be very useful to someone just starting out. I recommend adding it to your writing resources!


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