The Sub-Antarctic Islands As You Have Never Seen Them Before

Heritage Expeditions and Forest and Bird joined forces to create a limited number expedition to the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands. While doing my research for Morgen Curse I became fascinated by the sub-Antarctic islands (the Antipodes Islands, which is the setting for most of the story, are sub-antarctic islands), and so I’ve been following news of the trip.

Well, natural history film-maker James Muir was lucky enough to be able to go on the trip and made an incredible video. It’s beautiful. I was going to tell you to skip to the sub-antarctic islands at 3:56, but the shots of Antarctica are just beautiful, and the oceans…  Must watch!


The video, short as it is, really captures the isolation of these islands, and the harshness and richness of these waters—and offers a bit of insight into why Cedifor and Ieuan are the way they are. You don’t spend centuries in a place like this and not be changed by it.

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