Readers & Writers for LGBT Auction Results!

Sorry for the lack of updates! It’s odd. There’s no one reason I can put my finger on, but I’ve been exhausted for most of May. I feel like I’m coming down with something, but no symptoms ever eventuate. Still, I have some good news to share with you this morning, that more than makes up for my sleepiness!

The Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens auction took place and raised, in total, 2709 US dollars. That is brilliant. While I’m very pleased with that amount, Chechens still need our help. If you can donate, the FAQ lists organisations that are supporting LGBT Chechens here. Many authors and publishers are donating May royalties to these organisations, so to support them, go here. There are some amazing books taking part.


My contribution to the auction included an original story! I’ve been in touch with the auction winner, and her story request is absolutely awesome. For the last week, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself entertaining various possibilities. I’m in the last stages of hashing out the plot (have the basic outline, but need to do some research to iron down some details), and I have a really good feeling about this one. The working title is More Than Coffee, and as a taste of what I’m working on, head over to Pinterest to see my inspiration board. I’m hoping to have a teaser to share with you soon!


Tank Top by Look Human: Check it out.

Auckland Haul!

Did I mention I was in Auckland? I’m in Auckland! And having a great time, mostly thanks to the lovely M. Caspian and the amazing Joanna Penn.

True story: My sister asks me what I’m doing in Auckland and I mention M. Caspian is taking me to the Typo outlet store (Typo being a stationary chain here in NZ). My sister immediately frowns. “And you’re only taking one bag?” I am promptly loaned an extra bag with which to carry home my Typo haul.

Turns out … she knows me very, very well.


This is the result of one day in Auckland, one day with Joanna Penn! Writer friends, be jealous–she is even more fun in person than she is on the podcast! She made a lot of really complex material really easy to understand. My brain is fried, but I feel really positive about my plans for the year and enthused about writing.

Breakdown. Auckland adventures started with the aforementioned Typo outlet store, followed by Little and Friday–going to Little and Friday with M. Caspian is my new favourite Auckland tradition. To demonstrate why, here is an orange triceratops trying to steal my lemon and coconut cake.


M. Caspian’s bacon and egg pie did not survive long enough for a photo, but it was beautiful. The best bacon and egg pie I have ever been allowed to share (if it had been my pie, I wouldn’t have shared it–M. Caspian is a much better person than me).

From Little and Friday, we went on a stationary and bookstore tour, travelling to The Booklover, a charming independent bookstore, to hunt down a book I’d been asked to find, before continuing on to kikki-k, where we spent a really enjoyable time browsing more stationary. This is where I acquired my beautiful pens!

Saturday was the reason for me coming to Auckland–Joanna Penn’s Successful Self-Publishing Seminar. It was fantastic. 40 people, but it felt like a much smaller group. I saw old friends, made new ones, and left feeling the most enthusiastically exhausted I have been in ages. It was all go–I learned lots of things and am fired up to get to work, which was what I most needed.

And I got the chance to talk to Joanna and tell her just how much her books and podcasts have helped and inspired me over the years! I was not brave enough to ask for a photo together, but I did get this:


She signed it for me! (and yes, that is my real name)

I do not think I could have had a better time in Auckland–and I still have two days left! I’m planning to explore Auckland (weather permitting) and share my adventures here on the blog, so stay tuned for more–although I have been banned from entering any other stationary shops.


Morgen Song in Love Bytes Book of the Week poll! Celebration sale.

I am back in Christchurch, but the whirlwind of socialising that began with the wedding has only just stopped! Wellington was amazing, but I’m going to talk about my trip in a later post. For today, I have something very exciting to share.

Morgen Song is featured in the Love Bytes first book of the week poll for 2017! To celebrate, I’m dropping the price to US 0.99 cents (and international equivalents) until Friday the 13th when the polls close. If you’ve read Morgen Song and enjoyed it, I would appreciate your vote! If not, well, here is your chance to get Morgen Song at a reduced price.*

Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords


*If the prices don’t show up as reduced, please try again in a couple of hours–I literally just went and changed the prices and they may take some time to take effect.

Morgen Song reviewed at Love Bytes!

Morgen Song was reviewed today at Love Bytes Same Sex Book Reviews, and I could not be happier. Dan did a wonderful review of Deep Magic and Morgen Curse both back in June, and I was delighted that he took the time to review Morgen Song. Thank you, Dan!

Check out Dan’s review here–and while you’re on Love Bytes, check out their Best of 2016, starting with Sarina’s recommendations here. In addition to some great book recs, there are three awesome prizes up for grabs.


Birthday Cake and Book!

Today–December 31st–is my birthday. Ever since the year that I got food poisoning on my birthday and got sick with stomach bugs three times the following year, I’ve tried to make an effort to spend my birthday doing the things that I want to define my following year. So far today, I’ve done some writing, some learning, met up with my family for a picnic and duck-feeding in the Botanical Gardens and published a book. That’s right, Morgen Song is out at last.


Morgen Song is currently available from Amazon and Smashwords and coming soon to other e-book retailers.

Myrhydion is ready to live happily ever after with Olly–until a spate of drownings herald the return of the morgenau, Welsh sirens, to the peninsula. Eager to prove himself as future king of the morgen, Myrhydion challenges an underwater sorceror, but ends up losing his magic altogether. Rapidly running out of options, Myrhydion must find the strength of king or lose everything he loves.

In my birthday stock-take from last year, I was looking forward to the publication of Thorns and Fangs and preparing to move back to New Zealand. I was excited to spend more time with my niece and eager to get stories published. In 2016, I published five stories. I learned to drive, getting my restricted licence. I’ve continued to babysit my niece culminating in a very special babysit last night when I levelled up to the night shift–bath and bed!

In 2017, my goal is eight stories published. I’ve learned a lot about my writing techniques and where I need to improve and I’m keen to put this into action. I haven’t yet established a vegetable garden, but I’m hoping to start that in February. I’m also keen to keep learning, attending a Joanna Penn seminar in February, and planning on going to the RWNZ conference in August. I’m feeling positive. I’ve done so many things this last year that I didn’t think I could–left my job, learned to drive–and while my new life has its own challenges, I’m enjoying figuring out how to approach them. Thank you so much for your support this past year. Your belief and encouragement makes this all possible.

Thank you, and all the best for 2017!


Uprooted Blog Tour Continues!


Uprooted is officially out! Alpha Book Club has a release day excerpt, with the chance to win any ebook of your choice from NineStar Press. And Uprooted already has one review on Goodreads, a very solid four star review from Andrea. It feels a little like Christmas part two, actually!

 NineStar Press | AmazonARE | Smashwords | Barnes and Noble | 

And now that Uprooted is out, I can share this:




Ibiza on Ice-Cover Reveal!

Readers of the NineStar Narrative will already know this (and if you’re not subscribed, you should be! The weekly NineStar Press newsletter not only includes upcoming releases, but offers information about sales, special discounts for subscribers and starting November 20th, a special birthday giveaway–, but my Christmas story not only has a title but also a cover. Say hello to Ibiza on Ice. 


Isn’t it great? Cover Artist Natasha Snow has done an amazing job of matching the vibe of my last year’s Christmas Offering The Ugliest Sweater–which is awesome, because Ibiza on Ice is a sideways sequel to The Ugliest Sweater.

Not only that, but I think this might be the start of a series of inter-related standalone Christmas stories. A contradiction I know, but you’ll understand when you read it. We’re calling this contradiction For the Love of Christmas. I’m already loosely plotting next year’s addition… though I really should be paying more attention to my sadly neglected NaNoWriMo. Whoops!

theugliestsweaternspIbiza on Ice

Tired of being ridiculed as the man dumped in favour of an ugly Christmas sweater, Aston is determined to get revenge–by having his dream vacation at Ibiza’s hottest clubs! He’s even planned a social media campaign to make sure his ex, Dan, knows exactly what he’s missing.

When a snowstorm strikes, and Aston’s media campaign takes off before he does, he finds himself propositioned by his unwelcome roommate Mike: trade vacations, or Mike will out Aston as a fake. Desperate to save his reputation, Aston finds himself in Finland–and falling hard for a man with a sweater almost as terrible as Dan’s. Worse, Laaksonen cares as little about impressing people as Aston cares about being nice. Aston knows he has too much self-respect to fall for a man so hazardous to his reputation. But the long Polar Night poses the ultimate test to his Ibiza club dreams…