Writing Resource: Hidden Traps by Judy L Mohr

I first met Judy last year at a seminar on how to get the most out of Scrivener. We’re members of the same writing circles, and I’m constantly impressed that no matter what writing topic we’re discussing, Judy is quick to offer an opinion, advice, or even a practical solution. When she asked if I was interested in getting an ARC of her non-fiction book for writers, it was a no-brainer. I said yes at once.

Having met Judy in person, I enjoyed how much of her voice came through in this book. There’s always a danger that non-fiction will be dry, but although Hidden Traps is packed with technical and often extremely specific information, it felt like I was attending a seminar rather than reading a book. Some of the information I was aware of, but a lot was new—and more than once, I put the book down to go and act on the information I’d just read.

Although called ‘Hidden Traps,’ the book is so much more than a guide to how to protect yourself online while creating an author presence. Judy covers the entire author platform, starting from why you need one and how to decide what direction to take it in. I’m roughly two years into having an ‘author’ presence online, and I think that gave me enough background knowledge that I wasn’t overwhelmed by the quantity of advice, and could instead take it in easily and act on it. However, this book would be very useful to someone just starting out. I recommend adding it to your writing resources!


Wow, July.

I had a much different post planned for today. Unfortunately, July decided to get really creative on me. Not only have we been dealing with a family medical emergency, but we’ve also found out that Mum, Stepdad and Grandma have to be out of their current house by December. And on top of it all–floods!

I left Thursday, planning to visit Akaroa relatives with my sister and be back Friday evening. Instead, we made it almost all the way to Akaroa through some really horrendous weather—water covering the road, pelting the windscreen, slips across the road—only to discover a tree had fallen, blocking the road, about ten minutes before we got there. We had to turn around and go all the way back to Christchurch. If we’d made it, we might have been stuck in Akaroa–the road was closed Saturday, only reopening on Sunday. I finally made it back to Mum and Stepdad’s place yesterday afternoon, a big relief. I was really worried about driving through water, but the blockages had all been cleared by the time I reached them.

Despite this series of really hard stuff to deal with, I’m actually feeling pretty positive right now. It feels much better being here in New Zealand when bad things go down than being in Japan where I was unable to help. I’m also really proud of my family’s resilience and strength. We’ve had a few hairy moments, but overall, I think we’re doing an okay job of being there for each other. I’m also really lucky for the encouragement and support I’ve received from my online friends. So yeah. Tough month, but we’re tougher.

I’ve also got something I’m really looking forward to coming up. On Thursday, barring any more disasters, I’m heading to the Marlborough Book Festival. I haven’t really spent time in Blenheim before, so I’m looking forward to the trip for many reasons.

And then I got some really good news! I submitted a Seasonal Story to NineStar Press, the third in the For the Love of Christmas series that started with The Ugliest Sweater, and continued with Ibiza on Ice. The Op-Shop Rejects Live in Concert has been accepted, and will presumably be coming out some time in December! Cannot wait.

Review: The Journal Writing Superpower Secret by Michael Forest

The Journal Writing Superpower Secret: Get Productivity Superpowers, Kill Procrastination and Stop Self-Sabotage, and Then Take Over the World

This was truly one of those right time, right place moments. I was already a fan of journalling and new that it was really helpful both in keeping me sane by putting my writing highs and lows into perspective (Joanna Penn), and also as a form of meditation (numerous books about Mindfulness). But while I new that journalling was helpful for me, I didn’t really know how to take control of it to take me further. I saw M. Caspian reviewed it on Goodreads, and when M. Caspian talks about journals, I take note. I commented on her review saying the e-book looked good. Five minutes later, it was on my kindle (M. Caspian is not only generous, but fast. Thanks again, M!).

I started reading The Journal Writing Superpower Secret the next evening, and twenty minutes into it, I was so excited, because I knew this was exactly what my journalling was missing. They keyword here is Intentional. Michael Forest takes a whole lot of things I was working on—gratitude, affirmation, goal setting—and shows you how to put them into action via a journal.

It works, too. I’ve written in my journal every day since then (I started on July 4th), and it doesn’t feel like a chore. I’m excited to write in it every morning, excited to reaffirm my commitment to my goals, and in the sprints and exercises, renew my enthusiasm by digging into why I want to achieve this goals and what they represent for me. I’ve definitely notice an increased focus since I started, and my mood has been more even overall. The only anxious busy brain night I’ve had was over non-writing related issues that I hadn’t covered in my journalling. I’m back to setting big goals for myself and feeling positive.


Journalling in Action!

The Journal Writing Superpower Secret: Get Productivity Superpowers, Kill Procrastination and Stop Self-Sabotage and Take Over The World! 

What if a 10-minute journaling routine gave you superpowers?
The Journal Writing Superpower Secret won’t let you shoot webs from your wrists or leap tall buildings, but here is how it can help you right now:

• Gain “instant clarity” and “hyper focus”
• Identify and stop self-sabotage
• Shut out distractions, self-doubt, and naysayers

This can help you accomplish things like:

• Lose weight with an actual, honest-to-goodness healthy mindset (i.e. without driving yourself bonkers)
• Write every day
• Take over the world Accomplish your own huge, ambitious goals

Amazon: The Journal Writing Superpower Secret: Get Productivity Superpowers, Kill Procrastination and Stop Self-Sabotage, and Then Take Over the World

Calling NZ LGBTQ Romance Authors!

I feel really lucky in my writer friends. I’ve received incredible support, understanding and encouragement from both the M/M Romance community online, and, once I moved back to New Zealand, the New Zealand Romance Writers. I’m also really lucky in just how much information there is out there for writers online, in books and made freely available in podcasts.

That said, whenever I meet up in person with another M/M Romance writer, at one point in the conversation, one of us inevitably says ‘I thought that was just me!’ or ‘I have that exact problem!’ We’re writing for a very particular niche and coming from a very particular place which brings its own challenges. When Anne and I met up at Gotham at the start of the year, our conversation ended with the determination to create a space for Kiwi M/M authors to share their experiences so that we can all learn.

Six months later (that’s my fault, unfortunately–sorry!), it’s happening. We’ve set up a Facebook group for interested people. To get invited, just drop Anne (found here) or myself a message expressing interest. What are you signing up for? Read on to find out!

New Zealand Rainbow Romance Writers

If you’re a Kiwi author primarily writing LGBTQ romance, we want to hear from you!

New Zealand Rainbow Romance Writers are a group of NZ based authors who work primarily in the LGBTQ romance genre. As such, we face a number of challenges specific to our global location and writing genre. The NZRRW is a support group for us to share our experiences, ask advice from people writing for similar audiences, support and encourage each other, set and achieve goals and compare our marketing strategies.

The group consists of a private Facebook group where we share our news and resources, ask questions and give advice. Once a week, a goal post will go up, where members can post their weekly goals. At the end of the week, members can reflect on their progress, promoting accountability.

We’re looking for highly motivated members who are keen both to learn and to share their experiences in a respectful, inclusive environment. As we grow and get a feeling for what our members needs are, we may expand to include finding critique partners, creating anthologies of member’s work, online and offline write-ins, and possibly meet-ups. Any level of writing history is welcome, as are publishing methods–unpublished, self-publishing, traditional, and hybrid authors all welcome.


Gillian St. Kevern.

Gillian writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, historical fantasy, contemporary comedy, and is branching out into mysteries in 2017. She is published with NineStar Press and self-published, and currently based in Christchurch. She is a member of Romance Writers New Zealand, and in addition to writing, works as a freelance editor.

Anne Barwell.

Anne writes across a range of genres, although her favourites are fantasy, SF, and historical. She is published with Dreamspinner Press and DSP Publications, and lives in Wellington. As well as writing, she works in a library, and plays violin in a local community orchestra, so often music has a role in her stories and/or her characters are musicians.

Sunset at Pencarrow: Anne Barwell and Lou Sylvre!

When I saw that Dreamspinner was doing a World of Love story collection, I got really excited. I wrote a plot outline for a story based around the Meguro Parasitological Museum in Tokyo and submitted it–only to find out that I was too slow! Japan was taken. Browsing the list of already claimed countries, I was shocked to see New Zealand already on the taken list—but not surprised when Anne told me that she and Lou had got in quickly to claim it! Since then, I’ve been waiting to see the finished story—so when Anne asked if she and Lou could visit the blog, of course I jumped at the chance to have them!


Land of the Long White Cloud

Thanks for hosting us. Lou Sylvre and I are stoked to be here today as part of our blog tour for Sunset at Pencarrow.

We have a Rafflecopter running as part of the blog tour so be sure to enter—which you can more than once. Use the discount code PENCARROW for 30% off Sunset at Pencarrow only from the Dreamspinner Press store from 31st May-30th June.

When Lou asked me if I’d like to co-write the New Zealand entry for Dreamspinner Press’ World of Love, I jumped at the opportunity. I’d already been tempted to write something, but with deadlines looming I didn’t think I’d be able to fit in writing a novella as well. Half a novella, though, would work.

So why had I been tempted to write a story set in New Zealand for this series? The simple answer is that I live in New Zealand, and I think there needs to be more stories set here. I’ve read a few stories, but apart from a couple set in Wellington, most tend to take place in other parts of the country. While I enjoy reading about other places in the world, I get a kick out of recognising places and references I know. Writing something set locally was a wonderful experience as I could write more about what I know. The thing I didn’t expect, though, was to have to double check details about a few places I hadn’t visited in a while or the idioms I use without thinking. So when someone—in this case my lovely co-author—asked me about them, I found myself second guessing myself. Growing up in a NZ/Australian household, some of my expressions reflect that.

New Zealand is a beautiful country, and I love the fact that we have a huge range of scenery here. We highlighted some of that in Sunset at Pencarrow. Nate and Rusty start out at the airport in the fog—a situation everyone who lives here will recognise immediately—before moving out to the suburbs. We’re surrounded by water here, and are never too far from either the ocean or a river. A short distance in one direction in the Wellington leads to the bush and the middle of nowhere with no mobile reception, and another to the beach, and/or the city. And of course no story set here would be complete without a reference to Wellington’s wind, changeable weather and tendency toward earthquakes.

I’ve loved being able to set a story in New Zealand, and in particular Wellington. Although this is the first time I have, it definitely won’t be the last.

SunsetAtPencarrow 400x600Blurb:

Kiwi Nathaniel Dunn is in a fighting mood, but how does a man fight Wellington’s famous fog? In the last year, Nate’s lost his longtime lover to boredom and his ten-year job to the economy. Now he’s found a golden opportunity for employment where he can even use his artistic talent, but to get the job, he has to get to Christchurch today. Heavy fog means no flight, and the ticket agent is ignoring him to fawn over a beautiful but annoying, overly polite American man.

Rusty Beaumont can deal with a canceled flight, but the pushy Kiwi at the ticket counter is making it difficult for him to stay cool. The guy rubs him all the wrong ways despite his sexy working-man look, which Rusty notices even though he’s not looking for a man to replace the fiancé who died two years ago. Yet when they’re forced to share a table at the crowded airport café, Nate reveals the kind heart behind his grumpy façade. An earthquake, sex in the bush, and visits from Nate’s belligerent ex turn a day of sightseeing into a slippery slope that just might land them in love.


World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.



“I don’t bloody believe this.” Nathaniel “Nate” Dunn took a deep breath. “So, any idea when my flight might actually leave?”

The woman at the counter gave him what she probably thought was a pleasant smile. Instead it came across as condescending with a touch of oh help me, God, how stupid is this guy?

“I’ve already told you—” She glanced at his ticket. “—Mr. Dunn… Nathaniel… I don’t have that information. The fog will lift when it decides to lift, and we can’t begin to reschedule flights until that time. In the meantime, you’ll have to wait like everyone else.”

“You don’t understand. I have to be in Christchurch this afternoon. I have a job interview tomorrow.”

“Of course you do.” The woman seemed ready to dismiss him but then appeared to reconsider. “If you’re desperate, perhaps you can catch the afternoon ferry sailing to Picton and then a flight from either Blenheim or Nelson.”

“The ferries are full.” Nate read the name on her badge—Heather Rawlins. “Ms. Rawlins, I’ve already thought of that.” He waved his hand to indicate the very full airport. Many of those in line behind him were students. Several of them looked very young, and they had parents hovering around them. Probably their first time away from home, and not a great start to a course of study at either Canterbury or Otago universities. “Uni starts back last week of February. That’s next week. There’s only me and several hundred others trying to make it to the South Island.”

“You’d better settle in and wait, then, hadn’t you? This might take a while.” Heather looked past him. “Next, please.”

“Charming,” Nate muttered. Why the hell had the fog decided to pick today of all days to turn up? Beautiful weather for weeks, and on the only day he needed to fly out of Wellington, the bloody stuff foiled his plans. His flatmate, Amy, had warned him to be prepared for delays when they hadn’t been able to see the airport from across the harbor that morning, but he hadn’t listened. Fog in the morning didn’t mean the stupid stuff would hang around all day. Typical of his luck lately. “Windy Wellington” and today there wasn’t even a breeze to blow the fog out.

It was a conspiracy.

Much like the rest of his life. One could only take so much of pretending everything was hunky-dory and plastering on a false smile. He was sick of it. Bad enough that Glenn—who he’d thought was the “one,” the guy he’d be with forever—had dumped him, but to find out his job of the last ten years was finishing as well? And now this….

“Next, please,” Heather repeated.

“Excuse me, sir,” a man behind him said in an American accent. “There’s a line here, and I’m sure the lady has done all she could to help you.”

Buy Sunset at Pencarrow.

Dreamspinner Press (Discount code PENCARROW from 5/31-6/30, 30% off, DSP store only) | Google Books | iTunes | Kobo | Amazon | Barnes and Noble 




Author bios:

Anne bio:

Anne Barwell lives in Wellington, New Zealand. She works in a library, is an avid reader and watcher across genres, and is constantly on the lookout for more hours in her day. Music often plays a part in her stories, and although she denies being a romantic at heart, the men in her books definitely are. Anne has written in several genres—contemporary, fantasy, historical, and SF— and believes in making her characters work for their happy endings.


Lou bio:

Lou Sylvre loves romance with all its ups and downs, and likes to conjure it into books. The romantics on her pages are men who fall hard for each other, end up deeply in love, and often save each other from unspeakable danger. It’s all pretty crazy and very sexy. Among other things, Lou is the creator of the popular Vasquez and James series​, which can be found at Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, and many other online vendors.


Contact links:


Website | Facebook | Twitter | e-mail:  darthanne@gmail.com



Website | Facebook | Twitter | e-mail:  lou.sylvre@gmail.com


Lou and Anne’s shared Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sylvrebarwellhoffmann/


Rafflecopter script and links:




We hope you’ll join us for the other stops on the tour. Click here to see the complete schedule and links to the blogs.


I’m really excited about Sunset at Pencarrow. As Anne says in her guest post, we need more stories set here!

Just June.

My Uncle gave me his old Fitbit that he never uses after my old one died and I was reduced to using Pokemon Go to track my distance walked. In addition to a ton of neat features like counting stairs climbed and monitoring my heart rate, this Fitbit also tracks sleep—or lack there of. Remember last entry where I was complaining about feeling constantly run down, lacking energy, being sleepy?

Yeah. The answer was really simple. I wasn’t sleeping.

I’ve been working on that, and the results are such that I already feel better, more positive and I’ve even been getting some writing done! I’ve also got some exciting news to share–NineStar Press has accepted Life After Humanity, the third book in the Thorns and Fangs series! I’m very pleased, and hoping to make progress on my to-do list in June so I can get to work on book four as soon as possible.

But before June, let’s review May:

  • Plot Thorns and Fangs Four
  • Write Thorns and Fangs Four- 2/21 chapters–so that’s a start!
  • Finish editing Life After Humanity
  • Submit LAH
  • Daily mindfulness habit –No! I let this slide…and I think that’s another reason May was such a struggle.
  • Eat five plus fruit or veges a day + vitamin …. Mostly. I need to get better at this!
  • Walk every day.  Mostly! Much more frequently than I have all year. The only days I haven’t been doing this was when weather or my workload prevented me.

In addition to being low-energy, May was the month that Freelance tried to take over. The dog I’m looking after had a health scare (he is okay now, but still not 100%–poor little dog!), and my wonderful auction winner Kathleen gave me a really fun story request. During May, I felt I was not making progress, but now I’m at the end of the month, I see I’ve accomplished more than I realised … But there’s even more I want to do in June!

June Goals:

  • Write More Than Coffee, Kathleen’s story.
  • Freelance Project Number 1.
  • Freelance Project Number 2.
  • Continue work on Dead Wrong (Thorns and Fangs 4)
  • Walk everyday
  • Vitamin + Five Plus
  • Mindfulness

First day of June, I cannot say that I am off to a great start… But there were some exceptional circumstances! I have a lot of family and freelance commitments this month so it is going to be a squeeze getting everything in. Still, I think that if I get into a steady routine (and also sleep), I will be able to make good progress.