Name This Dog! Contest and Excerpt.

I’ve been working away at Thorns and Fangs Three (yes, it does have a title—but considering that this is the fifth title I’ve come up with, I’m sitting on a bit longer to be sure this is the one). It’s going a little slower than I would like, but I am pleased with how it’s coming along.

And since I’m enjoying myself, I thought I’d share the fun. Check out this handsome fellow:



He needs a name. Or rather, his Thorns and Fangs counterpart needs a name.

I know that not everyone reads excerpts, so for the spoiler-free crowd, Nate adopts a stray dog, Aki wants no part of it, and they have to agree on a name for the poor creature (if you enjoy spoilers, read on to see what the poor dog has already endured). Please give me possible names for the dog (a comment on Facebook, Goodreads or WordPress, a tweet, an e-mail, any method okay). The deadline is midnight March 31st NZ time, at which point I will pick the most suitable name to use in the story (and hopefully be able to give the winner a prize as well).

You can make as many suggestions as you like, but unfortunately there is only one dog, so only one winner.

Thank you very much for reading and I look forward to your suggestions!


“C’mon, Aki.” Nate put his hand over the kitchen doorway, preventing Aki from squeezing past him into the kitchen. “The dog needs a walk. Look at him! He hasn’t been out since yesterday.”

“So walk him yourself.” Aki folded his arms. He was already dressed for running with a fluorescent jacket over his shorts and singlet. “You made the ludicrous decision to adopt the thing, its obviously your responsibility.”

“But I have to go to Department Seven for community service—and you’re going to the park anyway.”

“Not my problem.” Aki gave up dignity and crawled under Nate’s arm. “Anyway, I’m going to run. Not dog-sit.”

Nate cast an eye at the dog. He sat hopefully, the piece of rope Nate had found looped through his collar. “Dogs like running.” They must, right? “And this dog’s used to taking care of himself. You won’t even know he’s there.”

Aki snorted as he refilled his water bottle from the sink. “Believe me, I will know.”

The dog gave a soft whine.

“Please?” Nate said. “I did kind of save your life last night.”

Aki groaned. “You would bring that up, wouldn’t you.”

“It is a pretty big deal. I mean, a friend agrees to spot you. A true friend punches a werewolf in the face for you.”

Aki smirked. “I should not be encouraging you to punch werewolves—even if they are incredible jerks—but fine. I’ll walk your stupid dog—but only this time.”

“Thanks, Aki.” Nate looked to the dog. “Ready to go, Fluffy?”

He was already on his feet, his tail wagging happily. As Aki adjusted his headphones, the dog danced happily around him.

“We’re not calling it ‘Fluffy.’ That’s cruel and unusual.”

“Well, what would you call him?”

“An unwanted encumbrance.” Aki wiped his hand on his shorts before taking up the rope. He resisted the dog’s attempts to pull him towards the door. “I warn you. If this mutt gives me fleas, I will be exacting a heavy and painful revenge.”

“Thanks, Aki.”

“You hear me? Painful.


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