Writing Update!


I heard back from Kindle Scout about the results of Gentlemen Don’t Murder’s campaign! The bad news: my campaign was unsuccessful.

The good news (and this is very good news) is that when I do publish Gentlemen Don’t Murder, I can alert everyone who nominated it of the release through my scout campaign page. I had no idea this was an option, and so am very excited about the chance to reach that audience!

The really special news is that I’ve had some lovely messages of support during the campaign and since it ended, and I feel like I’ve made some new friends! I’m really happy with how Gentlemen did—1200 page views, 23 hours in hot and trending—so I feel really positive that when I do release it, it’s going to go well.

Unfortunately, I’m going to push the release back. I’m also not going to be having a release this month. February was a crazy month, and while March has also been quite hectic, I think I’m finally getting things under control again. I have a lot of work in front of me, and while I feel like I’m making progress, I will make better progress by taking some of the pressure off. I’m going to make up a revised publishing schedule once I’m back in the writing swing of things and can make a better informed guess at my schedule. Thanks for your patience as I get myself sorted out! I really appreciate it.

Dead Wrong Tour #5—guest post and review!

I just got the loveliest surprise. I went over to Bayou Book Junkie, the final stop on the Dead Wrong tour, and discovered that in addition to my guest post, Mari reviewed Dead Wrong. What a fantastic way to end a blog tour!

To read Mari’s review, a guest post from me about why I love Dead Wrong’s extended cast so much, and your last chance to enter the giveaway for a Ninestar Press voucher,  head over here!

Dead Wrong Tour Banner

February Done/March To-do

I feel like I’m floating—and not in a good way. I’m sitting at my Thursday writer’s group, feeling really disconnected from what is going on around me. A few big deal things have happened recently—Dead Wrong released, I got print copies of Thorns and Fangs and Uprooted—and none of it really seems to sink in.

I also coughed for an hour last night, barely slept and woke up this morning completely congested, so this is not a life crisis, it’s a cold. But it’s still something of a wake-up call.

I’ve been really busy chasing volunteer experience, job interviews—everything except writing. I don’t multi-task well, and so I just need to remove these distractions so I can focus fully on writing. It’s a bit unnerving, stepping away from the safety net of steady employment, but ultimately I think I need to focus on meeting my writing goals. The uncertainty and interruptions of February (and December and January) have meant that I haven’t made the progress I want to. The really good news is that my family is one hundred percent behind me in this, so I’ve got that safety net.

February Goals:

Write Murder Isn’t Art. Added 31,500 words. Not great!

Unfortunately, I can’t get straight down to work in March. I have two freelancing commitments that need to be finished ASAP plus I have a YA story I need to outline and write in March to make editor deadlines. I just have to get my head down and get to work. I’m going to do what I can to get back into a regular writing habit. I’m also going to do what I did last year with my Mindful March, and work at getting myself into a healthier space: walking everyday, eating more fruit and veges, taking my vitamins (lost between move from house to house), and practicing Mindfulness again.

March Goals:

-Outline YA and submit to editor.

-Write YA superheroes

-Freelance #1

-Freelance #2

-Weekly Freelance articles 1-5

-Edit Morgen Prince

Wish me luck!