No One Ever Saved the World by Being Nice.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned the YA superhero story on this blog yet. It’s always hard to get started on a new story, particularly if everything is new–and in this story it is. Characters, world, everything. So, naturally, I’ve been procrastinating hard. In particular, I was revisiting old fanfics.

I used to be a huge DCU fan of a very specific vibe–Impulse, Young Justice, Superboy. I loved the way the young characters, the third generation of superheroes, struggled to step into the footsteps of those who’d gone before them. I wrote fanfic, made friends, spent hours on AIM chatting about nothing. It was a small community, but a really positive one, and I’d really like to capture some of that positive, excited vibe with the YA superhero story. So I went back and read some incredibly bad fic, got nostalgic for friends I’ve lost touch with, and eventually decided that it might be fun (and work against the procrastination), if I shared the story as I wrote it, fanfic style.

Fair warning: this is an experiment! It might work. It might not. I might get stuck and decide to delete everything and start again. The end goal is publishing this so it will probably come down once it’s complete. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!


How do you prove your father isn’t a super-villain? Enrol in superhero school, obviously.

But becoming a hero requires more than making the world’s best vegan brownies. Phoebe can’t control her light-speed powers, her classmates hate her, and she’s developing a major crush on the son of her arch-enemy. Nothing would make Atlas happier than putting Phoebe’s entire family behind bars permanently. If she can’t out superhero the world’s greatest superhero, her Dad is non-vegan toast.


Writing Update!


I heard back from Kindle Scout about the results of Gentlemen Don’t Murder’s campaign! The bad news: my campaign was unsuccessful.

The good news (and this is very good news) is that when I do publish Gentlemen Don’t Murder, I can alert everyone who nominated it of the release through my scout campaign page. I had no idea this was an option, and so am very excited about the chance to reach that audience!

The really special news is that I’ve had some lovely messages of support during the campaign and since it ended, and I feel like I’ve made some new friends! I’m really happy with how Gentlemen did—1200 page views, 23 hours in hot and trending—so I feel really positive that when I do release it, it’s going to go well.

Unfortunately, I’m going to push the release back. I’m also not going to be having a release this month. February was a crazy month, and while March has also been quite hectic, I think I’m finally getting things under control again. I have a lot of work in front of me, and while I feel like I’m making progress, I will make better progress by taking some of the pressure off. I’m going to make up a revised publishing schedule once I’m back in the writing swing of things and can make a better informed guess at my schedule. Thanks for your patience as I get myself sorted out! I really appreciate it.

Dead Wrong Tour #5—guest post and review!

I just got the loveliest surprise. I went over to Bayou Book Junkie, the final stop on the Dead Wrong tour, and discovered that in addition to my guest post, Mari reviewed Dead Wrong. What a fantastic way to end a blog tour!

To read Mari’s review, a guest post from me about why I love Dead Wrong’s extended cast so much, and your last chance to enter the giveaway for a Ninestar Press voucher,  head over here!

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