Teaser Thursday!

This week, I am combining a teaser with my weekly to-do list. With that in mind, I’m going to speed through my checklist so we get to the fun part sooner.

Thorns and Fangs rewrite: Slow progress. After a couple of false starts, I finished the new chapter 14 this morning and have started the new chapter 15. Getting back into writing mode has been hard, and I find that I am really fighting to shut up the lingering doubts I have over whether these changes are for the best. Fortunately, I also have a supportive beta on hand to give me instant feedback!

Instead of looking for betas, I wound up looking for friends to take place in the Fabulous 5 blog hop! I’ve been tagged, and my corresponding blog post will go up next Monday! I’m excited.

Bootcamp: Over. Sadly, my busier than anticipated weekend (had an unexpected houseguest and an only slightly less unexpected houseparty over the weekend — fun, but it wiped me out physically and creatively for the entire weekend!) meant I didn’t have time to take part in the final workshop, however, I know that I will be returning to Ellen’s informative lectures again and again. Writing friends, she is leaving the posts up on her editing blog, and I cannot recommend checking them out enough! Of particular interest, her final lecture, How to Self-edit!

Taking the place of NaNo, a new challenge! Lisa Henry has created an M/M flashfiction group on LJ. I’m looking forward to our first flash challenge. Results will be posted here!

And without any further ado: today’s teaser is from Thorns and Fangs. This is from the chapter I have just completed today!

“A substitution rite is when one thing is swapped with another.”

Nate looked up, surprised. He hadn’t even heard Ben join him at the edge of the circle.

The vampire watched Hunter and Saltaire confer. “It can be anything from a permanent swap like changelings, or temporary such as using something to take the place of your intended target in a spell.”

“I hope you’re not saying Peter wanted to use me as a living voodoo doll.”

Ben glanced sideways at him. “You have a unique way of looking at things.”

Nate shrugged. “I’m just saying. Acupuncture is not among my kinks.”

“I didn’t realize acupuncture was a kink.”

“In the right hands, anything can be a kink.”

“I’m not sure I—”

“Stop flirting with the shadow, Ben.” Hunter rejoined them. “Lack of outward hostility is no guarantee that he hasn’t been charmed. Out of the three of us, you’re his likeliest target.”

Suddenly voodoo doll sounds good. “You’re saying he made me into some kind of … sleeper agent?”

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