November Plans.

My plans for November are pretty easy.

  • NaNoWriMo.
  • … and that’s it.

Of course, my goal for NaNo is not hitting the 50 000 word limit, but writing a complete novel, something I’ve never done before (within the NaNo boundaries). Part of me thinks I’m crazy for inflicting this on myself, the rest is pumped to put everything I’ve learned from Rachel Aaron’s  2000 to 10000 into practice (Speaking of Rachel Aaron, she’s doing NaNo related posts every Wednesday to get us through November. Here’s the first. Live Write Breathe also has some NaNo advice).

aXm2187xjUMy NaNo project this month is the third story in the Thorns and Fangs world. It was originally slated to be the fourth, but while finishing the second, one of the character’s began to speak very insistently and well … he was very persuasive. Working title is Banging the Supernatural and Other Questionable Life Choices. I’m 8000 words in to the story, and there have been considerable poor choices, but no regrets — at least not on my part.

I’m planning to reinstitute Teaser Thursday, at least during November, but realised that I have a problem — spoilers. I’m going to try and choose pieces to share that don’t give away anything major in Thorns and Fangs or The Dead Living (I have a completed rough draft. I am very excited), but I’m curious. What do you consider too much in spoilers/teasers? Where do you personally draw the line?

Thank you!


  1. Anything that gives away major resolutions for plots and subplots is considered a spoiler to me. The only exception to the rule for me is romance. It’s pretty safe to assume that at the end of a romance, the couple’s gonna get together, so if you tell me they are, it doesn’t bother me. Beyond resolutions, anything goes in my opinion. 😉

      1. It does, which is why it’s my fall-back. I have read a couple lately where the guy and gal DON’T get together though. Those have been strange, but highly enjoyable, but few and far between. I might attempt one like that in the future…

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