Deep Magic now on Amazon!

As part of my preparations to launch Morgen Curse, I’ve taken the plunge and put Deep Magic up on Amazon. However, I need your help to make it free! If you have a moment, I would really appreciate you taking a moment to report a different price to Amazon.

To do this, simply visit Deep Magic on Amazon and click the ‘tell us about a lower price’ link, just above Customer Reviews. It will open a new window where you have the option of reporting where you saw the lower price. Smashwords is probably the easiest option. You can link to Deep Magic on Smashwords where the price is free. Thanks in advance! It is important to me that Deep Magic is free as it was the work of so many volunteers through the DRitC event.

The proceeds I make from sales as we wait for Amazon to adjust the price will be donated to the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund. Why the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund? Well, I started writing Morgen Curse the day I left for my farm-stay, and was still working on it during the earthquake. It just seems like the most fitting cause for me right now.

(On a thoroughly selfish note, Deep Magic is looking pretty lonely on Amazon right now without any reviews and ratings. If you enjoyed it, please take a moment to leave a rating or review. I really appreciate them!)



If you haven’t read Deep Magic yet, well, now is a really good time! A slowly unfurling mystery laced with mythology, story-telling and magic, Deep Magic pits an over his head knight and an enchanted prince against a merciless king with an ancient vendetta against humanity. Also vegemite.

The easiest place to get it remains the M/M Romance Group official site, where you can download it in epub, mobi or pdf.  Check it out! And check out some of the other amazing stories produced by the DRitC event–all free!

In the meantime, Morgen Curse is available for pre-order on Kobo. I am working on bringing it to Amazon and Smashwords as soon as possible. If there is anywhere else you’d like to see it, please let me know and I will do what I can to make it happen. Thank you!


  1. Didn’t know you could do that, done and done.
    Pretty much cut&paste my goodreads review there, which um was Welsh person babbling about the setting, so maybe not the greatest ad, but it’s sooooo rare to read a Welsh setting that’s actually familiar and not condescending.

    Read the teaser last night, already interesting 🙂
    Hope it does well for you.

    1. Thank you, Meep! I really appreciate it.

      I am still learning the ins and outs of Amazon, but I heard about other DRITC authors using price match as a way to get their story free, so decided to give it a try. Your review is brilliant, because you give a perspective that is all yours, and I’m sure other readers will appreciate that.

      And thank you again! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far.

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