Morgen Curse Out Now!

It was about this time last year that I submitted Deep Magic to the DRitC mods. I had a strong suspicion that I would return to the Llyn peninsula and its inhabitants some day. I never expected Morgen Curse.

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Ieuan is a young morgen in a lot of trouble. The storm he sung up to soothe his broken heart attracted the attention of the Cursed One, an underwater sorcerer exiled from the morgen group for a terrible crime. But the Cursed One wants Ieuan’s help to save a life — that of Zane, a sailor shipwrecked in Ieuan’s storm. Ieuan finds himself drawn into the Cursed One’s impossible task against his better judgement. But as his morgen kin mount a search for him, Ieuan’s help might be all of their undoing.

Morgen Curse is not a sequel, exactly. And it’s not exactly a romance either. It’s a beginning.

Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords

Quick update! On May 11th, I uploaded Deep Magic to Amazon and asked you to help me make it free by reporting it to Amazon. Unfortunately it is still not free…but on the plus side, Deep Magic has sold 64 copies! Which means that the Kumamoto Relief Fund will eventually be getting 19.15 US dollars, 1.74 pounds, .62 euros and .35 Canadian dollars. I feel this is pretty cool!

Also, I really wanted to do another youtube reading, but I’ve had a really vicious cold for the last two weeks which has left me with a really unappealing hacking cough. Still, consider this a heads up that if you ever wanted to hear me answer a question in person, now is a great time to ask!

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